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Removed all Flash projects

2014-04-08 09:40:07 by Wolfos

The projects I had on Newgrounds were all uploaded several years ago, all low-effort. As much as I enjoyed my time in the Newgrounds community, I have since moved on and will likely no longer be publishing Flash games.

As people might look at my Newgrounds profile and see a game I made 6 years ago without looking at the date, I feel that removing the games and movies was a sensible option. My skill as both a programmer and an artist has of course massively improved since I joined here in 2008.

For my current projects, the best place to look will be my Github profile and my website.

Finished Hyperspace

2013-04-07 18:04:41 by Wolfos

It's up on the App store now! e-for-earth/id536480292?l=en&mt=8

Currently working on an RPG engine in Flash which is pretty cool. You can see a WIP version here:


2012-12-19 16:28:07 by Wolfos

Long time no see!
Figured I just put an update of my work here on Newgrounds.

So what I've been doing...

Done, finished, except... Crash bug. Webplayer version somehow crashes and I really don't feel like debugging it. Flash version works, but my hiscore system doesn't for some reason. Knowing me I'll probably return to this later and finish it.

Turn Based Strategy game:
I'm done with this for now. Almost everything required at the moment is art. Even though we've worked on the project with 6 artists and a single programmer (me), I finished it long before they did.

RPG engine:
Writing an RPG engine in SDL again, except this time I've got it working. It renders pretty well using mostly methods I've conceived by myself. Previously done multilayer support, currently working on input and then i'll start on the editor.

Just a heads-up

2012-05-26 15:43:16 by Wolfos

Hyperspace is still in development, although slowly. I have passed the Newgrounds file limit of 10MB, although Tom Fulp was nice enough to raise mine.

The latest version is still playable right here.

Update (June 26 2012):
Almost done! I've never been 'almost done' developing a (proper) game. I'm thinking about making it iOS exclusive, though.
Version above is not the latest version anymore and will not be updated until a Flash version is (or isn't) released.

There is GameCenter integration, so when the next OSX version launches I might be putting it up on the Mac App Store as well, depending on how well the iOS version sells.

I will still be looking for a sponsor for the Flash version however, just after the iOS version is out.

Update (July 21 2012):
Flash version is done and submitted to FGL.


2012-04-05 18:33:12 by Wolfos

Working on 2 games right now. The first one is a personal project called Hyperspace. A space shooter with upgrade gameplay made with Stage3D, powered by Unity.
Flash 11+ is required, Linux is probably not supported.

The second one is a massive project we've been working on for months. The character is still a placeholder and the combat is all hidden from the preview.
What you've got is a pretty good looking browser "game" right now.
Requires Unity player (free download), a pretty decent graphics card and a lot of bandwidth (game is almost 40MB).
Shader model 2 or earlier cards are not supported (they will run the game, but terrain splats will display wrongly).
Press escape for graphics settings.

Working on something new!

2012-01-09 14:20:49 by Wolfos

The Flash game I've always wanted to make; a Lylatwars clone.
The latest stable build will always be right here (controls = WASD + mouse): hTest.html

Now I can't upload Unity3D SWF's to Newgrounds just yet, but I have contacted both Unity and Newgrounds to get Newgrounds' embed fixed which both are willing to do.
Tom has also been so kind to raise my upload limit, so I can ensure good texture quality.

Known bugs:
-Crosshair should be red, is black. It's an issue with Flash, but I know a way to resolve it.

Update (31 January 2012): Have dropped this project in favor of completing Bedroom Racer first.
Got a blog post right here:
I might continue the project later.

Update on my projects

2011-12-01 15:34:22 by Wolfos

Sick of the horribly written "engine" taking up my page. I now mainly blog on my website, so I really don't have much to write here.

Currently working on an epic racing game, which might be released on Newgrounds in a few months (or at least, a demo version). The game will be introduced at the price of $1 and later updated with new levels and also a new price. The game will be available in the Mac App store only at first, and later Windows and Newgrounds as we get our own payment system setup. The game is being made in Unity3D, so the Newgrounds release depends on Unity Flash export or Newgrounds' Unity support, whichever comes first.

After that, we will be given about 4 months to work on a new game, which will also be made in Unity3D. Not much about this project is known yet, but after torturing a teacher for information, we've found out one of the categories is "vikings", which is probably what the game will be about.
If you have a cool idea for a viking game, please mention it in the comments.


Update on my projects

WolfEngine: Pong! (AKA, Pong C++ source)

2011-04-29 10:19:26 by Wolfos

So yeah, I sucked at distributing Mac OS-X executables when I wrote this so if you install SDL_TTF and SDL_image on your machine it should work. It's probably not compatible with Lion.

Windows and Linux users should compile from source. Linux users can install the SDL libraries using their favourite package managers.


So, I made a Pong game in an hour, made a few fixes in the engine too.
Source (cross-compilable for OS-X, Linux and Windows) is inside the package, there's a binary for OS-X too and the XCodeProject file.
You'll need SDL, SDL_Image and SDL_TTF to compile it.

I'll make a Windows binary in a few hours, will upload it here too.
Maybe even a Linux binary but I won't upload that one.

I actually did it just to see if it's possible with the current WolfEngine. The way I see it, all that's missing is audio. Of course there will be a lot of other features to make development easier and make it possible to manage bigger projects, but for small games, it's already great!

The engine may be used for non-commercial development without asking (please mention me in the credits, though) but I would love to be notified.
For commercial development, contact me.EDIT:

Working on 2D game engine

2010-10-08 07:38:40 by Wolfos

Update: It's on Sourceforge, go see for yourself. It's not a real program, just a collection of headers designed to make game development easier. Poorly, the engine is not capable of supporting an actual game just yet.
After the engine is done, I will be working on an editor for making point and click adventure games, after that I will make a point and click adventure game.

I'm currently working on a game engine in C++.

You can follow my progress here.

-Started project (September 2010)
-Windows support is working (October 20th, 2010)
-Windows support done (October 21st, 2010)
-Added the basic event system, the engine can now run without freezing until the user quits the app (January 17th, 2011)
-Linux support, up and running! (January 19th, 2011)

Graphics core:
-image formats (done)
-PSD files (Might be included later)
-True type fonts (done for now, but there are some problems that have obvious reasons, but less obvious solutions. Will probably be fixed when I start using XML to store the data)
-layer management

-Basic event system (done)
-Keyboard support (currently working on)
-Mouse support
-Cursor support
-Collision detection

Audio core:
Coming soon

System core:
-State manager
-Process manager

-MacOS-X support (done)
-Windows support (done)
-Linux support (done)

Probably forgot some important things but I'll add those later.


2010-10-01 18:10:29 by Wolfos

I just changed my aura, it looks fucking retarded!