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2012-12-19 16:28:07 by Wolfos

Long time no see!
Figured I just put an update of my work here on Newgrounds.

So what I've been doing...

Done, finished, except... Crash bug. Webplayer version somehow crashes and I really don't feel like debugging it. Flash version works, but my hiscore system doesn't for some reason. Knowing me I'll probably return to this later and finish it.

Turn Based Strategy game:
I'm done with this for now. Almost everything required at the moment is art. Even though we've worked on the project with 6 artists and a single programmer (me), I finished it long before they did.

RPG engine:
Writing an RPG engine in SDL again, except this time I've got it working. It renders pretty well using mostly methods I've conceived by myself. Previously done multilayer support, currently working on input and then i'll start on the editor.


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