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Removed all Flash projects

2014-04-08 09:40:07 by Wolfos

The projects I had on Newgrounds were all uploaded several years ago, all low-effort. As much as I enjoyed my time in the Newgrounds community, I have since moved on and will likely no longer be publishing Flash games.

As people might look at my Newgrounds profile and see a game I made 6 years ago without looking at the date, I feel that removing the games and movies was a sensible option. My skill as both a programmer and an artist has of course massively improved since I joined here in 2008.

For my current projects, the best place to look will be my Github profile and my website.


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2014-04-09 10:50:52

It's a respectable decision because you don't want to be misrepresented by things you made when you were a novice.

On the other hand it's good for new developers to see where you came from and see that once you too were a novice. We all have humble beginnings and there is no shame in that.